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About Me

I'm of German descent & Native American roots.  I was born, raised and, currently calling the Pacific Northwest in Portland Oregon home.  You will also find me in New York City and Los Angeles on a regular as I explore living bi coastal.  I was brought up with eastern medicine practices and a holistic approach to a healthy living.  I've spent decades learning first hand and experiencing wholistic techniques that I now provide through my own style of somatic therapy.  I've developed a practice where I utilize skills through a collaboration of bodywork using healing touch, movement, breath work, and holistic hip & pelvic care.  I use energy healing and chakra alignment techniques as a Reiki Master.  I offer education and guidance in regards to health and wellbeing with plant medicine, nutrition and fitness. I council and spiritual guide as a psychic Empath and spiritual coach with Light & Shadow work.

“You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”


My Treatments

Reiki and Chakra Cleanse 

Reiki energy and chakra alignment.  Great for pain, stress, grief, raising vibrations etc.

Spiritual Guidance 

Life coaching & mentoring using my psychic empath skills and tools to guide you on your spiritual journey. 

Somatic Healing

Mind, body and spirit healing/awakening using my intuitive healing methods and knowledge. 

Touching the Surface
Rock Maze
Rock Balancing


"Booking was easy.
Location was clean, and convenient. She is a very cool and laid back woman, who is both confident and skilled. Her smile and eyes are inviting. I got a fantastic massage with deep pressure and powerful energy work. Unbelievable hands and intuitiveness…
Completely present and engaging with a beautiful personality.
I'll be back."


"Like Magic..."


"Visited multiple time for a variety of reason.  I feel like the healing I receive is spot on and I walk out a new person every time with something new to think about.  Thank you for doing what you do!"


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